Gaskets & Seals


We manufacture an endless range of Gaskets & Seals. From simple washers and shims to specialist seals. We use various production methods and state of the art machinery to provide high quality solutions.

With over 1000 stock materials including our rubber sheeting and sponge sheeting ready for conversion on fast turn around times. The Rubber Company can use; die cutting, digital CNC-cut, water jet cutting and lathe cut processes.

The use of advanced CNC machinery eliminates the need for tooling costs and provides cost effective prototyping options.

We are able to help design and cut any size or shape from your measurements, a drawing or existing sample.

As well as converting stock materials, The Rubber Company can manufacture precision rubber seals by moulding and extruding methods. We have an extensive range of rubber compounds to suit the seal application and environment.

Specialist sealing products we manufacture include inflatable rubber seals and composite hatch packing.

We have a wealth of experience in the supply of thousands of different gasket materials. Regular materials include:

We can provide exert advice on material selection if you can provide full application detail and operating environment on enquiry.

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